Where is your church headed?

No matter if you lean progressive, traditional, or somewhere in between, you need to know where your people stand to move forward with confidence.

The United Methodist Church is at a crossroads …

related to the practices of traditional or progressive Methodism. General Conference 2022 may provide clear direction for the denomination, but each local congregation will still have to make decisions for themselves as to how to move forward.

Do you have the clarity to lead your church effectively?

You may already sense the direction in which you will lead your church. But how will you shape your communication in order to encourage the vast majority of the people in your church to join you as you lead in that direction? In order to lead and communicate effectively, a clear understanding of the makeup of your congregation is critical.

Will you decide using assumption or analysis?

The Crossroads Survey has been specifically developed to help you as a United Methodist leader to lead effectively from analysis, not assumption, by knowing where the people in your congregation actually stand related to this issue. That clarity will allow you to make decisions and develop communication strategies to lead your church well no matter the direction you are headed.

How Much Does the Survey Cost?

The one-time investment required for your entire church to take the Crossroads Survey is based on church size (average pre-COVID weekend attendance). Prices shown are per church, NOT per person.






Complete the form below to get clarity through the Crossroads Survey

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You will receive your login information immediately upon purchase. Upon logging in to the Crossroads Survey dashboard, you will be just a few clicks away from your church’s unique survey link. Before you launch your survey, though, you will want to take advantage of our launch resources such as sample email copy and a comprehensive launch communications plan you can use to invite your congregation to respond to the survey. It’s really up to you!

Yes. As a matter of fact, we include a step-by-step Launch Plan for how to best communicate about the Crossroads Survey to your congregation. We’ll help you with some suggested language for how to talk about it with your leadership teams and how to announce it on the weekend. You’ll also have sample email copy you can use to invite your congregation to respond to the survey.

You will have TWO WEEKS from the date you launch your Crossroads Survey to collect responses. Most people will complete the survey within a couple days of receiving the link. We suggest that you begin the survey on a Thursday or Friday, and remind your congregation about it the following Sunday. The survey will then be open through the following weekend to give you a chance to mention it again at the next Sunday’s services and remind people they only have a couple days left to respond.

The Crossroads Survey is a product offered by Auxano, a church consulting organization. We are an outside entity, not associated with either the United Methodist denomination or the Wesleyan Covenant Association. We simply want to help UM church leaders gain the insight they need to lead effectively in light of upcoming changes.

Since COVID, most churches have completely changed the way they gather for weekend worship services. The best way for us to estimate the number of people from your church who will potentially respond to the Crossroads Survey is by basing that estimate on your average pre-COVID weekend attendance.

Each time your congregation responds to the Crossroads Survey will need to be a separate instance of the survey tool. Otherwise, your responses will be mixed together and you would receive cumulative results rather than just the results for each time your congregation responds. We suggest purchasing the Crossroads Survey, completing the initial process of receiving responses and analyzing results, and then deciding if you need to purchase a second instance of the survey.

The Crossroads Survey is completely digital and has been optimized so it is easy to complete on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You will email an internet link to your congregation members and they will be able to complete the survey in their normal internet browser.